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SQL Cruise Caribbean 2016: January 30 - February 6, 2016




Learn More About Our Technical Leads

Interested in learning about the Technical Leads we’ve booked for the next season of SQL Cruise? Each of their biographies as well as a list of credentials can be found on our Technical Leaders page

Learn More About Sessions Being Presented

Our classroom sessions list is complete for the 2016 SQL Cruise event. Visit our Classroom Sessions page for complete abstracts.

Register For SQL Cruise

Ready to register for a SQL Cruise? Full details on how to do so are available on our registration page.

SQL Cruise Agendae

We just completed our final selections for sessions we’re presenting on our 2016 SQL Cruise so the scheduling process is still not completed. However, if you’re curious to see the typical agenda for a SQL Cruise looks like you can review the schedules for both 2015 SQL Cruise events we hosted in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.


Download our SQL Cruise Mediterranean 2015 Agenda

Download our SQL Cruise Caribbean 2015 Agenda

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