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We are excited to announce our future sessions for SQL Cruise

Since 2010 and our first SQL Cruise event our Technical Leaders consist of Leaders in the SQL Server Community; Microsoft Certified Masters, Microsoft SQL Server Most-Valuable Professionals, VMware V-Experts and Microsoft SQL Server Maestros.  Furthermore the structure of SQL Cruise means that you’ll never have a Leader to Student ratio greater than 4:1.  You’ll never receive this amount of attention from, or exposure to, instructors of this caliber in any other training platform centered around the Microsoft SQL Server platform.  Our former Cruisers assert that the core benefit of SQL Cruise is the informal time spent outside of classes – in one-on-one time with fellow Cruisers and Technical Leaders as well as in structured Office Hours periods used for digging deeper into the sessions presented on the cruise or in resolving issues being faced back in your office.  However this does not mean we don’t provide structured class time.  Most of those structured sessions for 2016 have now been selected and their abstracts are provided below.  We are still awaiting speaker and abstract selection for one more speaking slot from one of our sponsors for 2016.

2016 SQL Cruise Caribbean Abstracts

Tim Ford

A Picture Says 1000 Words: Visualizing Your SQL Server Metadata

Tim co-wrote the book on Dynamic Management Objects and went on the develop The Periodic Table of DMOs in 2011. Now Tim is taking DMOs to the next level by showing how you can utilize them along with Power BI to visualize your performance pains.

Utilizing the latest improvements in Power BI and Tim’s toolbox of performance analysis scripts you’ll learn how you can gain even more insights into performance tuning than previously thought possible. Power BI is the leading tool for business analytics. See how it’s also a valuable asset for every performance-focused DBA as well.

Jes Borland

Everyday Extended Events

As a DBA or developer, you want to know what is happening inside SQL Server. Extended Events are the modern framework for finding and interpreting SQL Server’s actions. In this session, you’ll see practical examples to solve everyday problems, such as capturing queries and their resources, measuring wait statistics, tracking I/O for database files, and capturing index activity. Many useful features will be shown, such as the depth of events, filtering, and multiple target types!

Beyond CXPACKET: Understanding Wait Statistics

‘Time and tide wait for no man’, but SQL Server must wait for resources when executing a query. The lifecycle of a query is full of waiting, and SQL Server records when it’s waiting, why, and for how long. By learning how each query is executed, and observing how waits can accumulate along the way, you can unlock the secrets to what resources or code changes are needed to improve your query and server performance.

David Klee

Objective Stack Performance Analysis

How many times a week do you hear “it’s slow!” from a business user, and the true meaning of DBA – “Default Blame Acceptor” – comes out as you spend the rest of your day proving (or disproving) that your database is not the source of the problem? Performance is a purely subjective and relative view, but the subjectivity is one that is hard to defend when there are problems without making it objective. But, you have the tools at your disposal to measure and analyze the performance of the layers underneath your data, and properly presenting this data in the right way can stop the finger-pointing. Learn how to collect and analyze raw system and database performance metrics to establish an objective performance baseline and show exactly the differences today from your established normal in this interactive session.

Advanced SQL Server Infrastructure Performance

The compute infrastructure underneath your critical SQL Servers is just one layer in the application system stack, but if misconfigurations or architectural challenges exist in this layer, your database performance is guaranteed to suffer, and your end user application performance experience is sure to be poor. As a DBA, we are usually at the mercy of the groups managing this hidden layer. Learning more about these layers of the system stack – physical compute server, virtualization, storage, interconnects, and networking – will help you understand how the infrastructure responds to a query request, and will make you a stronger database professional. Come learn more about these layers, their performance characteristics, common infrastructure bottlenecks and their resolution, and tricks to improve performance without changing code in this highly interactive session.

Grant Fritchey

The Query Store and Query Tuning in SQL vNext

For the most part, query tuning in version of SQL Server is pretty much like query tuning in the next. SQL Server 2016 introduces a number of new functions and methods that directly impact how you’re going to do query tuning in the future. The most important change is the introduction of the Query Store. This session will explore how the Query Store works and how it’s going to change how you tune and troubleshoot performance. With the information in this session, not only will you understand how the Query Store works, but you’ll know everything you need to apply it to your own SQL Server 2016 tuning efforts as well as your Azure SQL Databases.

Azure SQL Database for the Earthed DBA

Everyone knows that Azure SQL Database only supports a small subset of SQL Server functionality, small databases, and has really bad performance. Except, everyone is wrong. In fact, Azure SQL Server Database is ready to support many, if not most, databases within your enterprise. This session reintroduces Azure SQL Database and shows the high degree of functionality and improved performance that is now available. You’ll leave this session with a more thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Azure SQL Database so that you can make a more informed choice over when or if you should use it within your environment.

Jason Hall

tempdb Parasites

Unless you happen to be Chuck Norris, your SQL Server instances only have one tempdb. That makes tempdb a single point of contention for an instance. What’s worse is that there are a lot of things going on in tempdb that you may not be aware of. Learn about hidden tempdb consumers, and see several demonstrations of them in action while we discuss performance implications of each of them and options for dealing with them.

Ultimate Plan Explorer

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer has become the tool of choice for tens of thousands of SQL Server professionals working to improve query performance through execution plan analysis. Learn about latest features, subtle nuances, and tips and tricks on using Plan Explorer directly from the Product Manager for Plan Explorer himself. If you think you’ve seen everything in Plan Explorer, you might be surprised at what’s waiting for you at the end of this session!


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