Sponsorship Plan

SQL Cruise Sponsorship Plan

If you’re interested in being a part of the successful and unique training experience that is SQL Cruise then consider partnering with us as a Sponsoring Entity.

We have many different sponsorship levels to suit your situation. A feature separating SQL Cruise from other events is the concept of our SQL Cruise Brain Trust. In our SQL Cruise Brain Trust sessions we dedicate a period of time specifically to pose questions from our sponsors directly to our full collected base of attendees: both students and instructors alike. The responses are then culled and returned to our sponsors for their use in guiding strategy, marketing, and feature improvements. These questions in the past have ranged from the general (‘What is preventing you from adopting a Cloud strategy and what do you see as differences between the Cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft?’ to more detailed questions focused on feature deficits or road maps for our vendors.) This gives you, as a Sponsor and Partner with SQL Cruise, a direct line to professionals across all layers of use and experience including Lead Innovators and Luminaries in the IT Communities they represent. Just one more thing separating SQL Cruise from any other event catering to the varied IT Communities across data-centric technologies.


Please download and review our Sponsorship Plan and contact us via email if you have any questions or to set up your partnership with SQL Cruise.

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