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“Since inception in 2010 we’ve had the joy of working with fine companies and individuals to keep the cost of SQL Cruise training extremely affordable to our Cruisers.  Our corporate sponsors are not simply sources of funding for keeping SQL Cruise afloat, but are partners in the success and longevity of doing something fulfilling that seemed like such a long-shot when the idea for SQL Cruise was conceived.  We thank them for continuing to support us and look forward to a successful partnership between us for years to come.  A fair number of Technical Leads and attendees have gone on to be valued evangelists for our sponsors’ products – a direct result of the quality of attendees that join us on SQL Cruise and the format of our events where attendees are engaged with sponsors for a full and unimpeded week.  Another reason to considering partnering with SQL Cruise.” – Tim Ford, Founder of SQL Cruise

If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor please reach out to us via our Contact Page with your inquiries.

Download our current Sponsorship Plan.

Attendee Demographics

Our attendees tend to skew towards positions of management and upper level roles that have purchasing power over solutions, software, and services that solve issues their facing daily:

  • 67% of attendees identify as senior staff, managers, or C-level individuals
  • 22% manage small businesses
  • 75% have at least a moderate impact on purchasing decisions
  • 65% of previous attendees identified as either making purchases based upon their SQL Cruise experience with sponsors or are in the process of evaluation of SQL Cruise sponsor products and services.

We also boast a remarkable Net Promoter Score of + 87.5 (out of a range of -100 to +100.)

Download our most recent attendee survey to see just how sponsor-friendly our events are, learn more about our attendees, and determine if our audience is right for your marketing spend.

Current SQL Cruise Sponsors

We are proud to present our current SQL Cruise Sponsors.

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