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Attendees have asked us, “How can you put on so much training for such a low price?” SQLCruise is only possible because of our sponsors’ support. These companies are showing they’re committed to helping the community get the best training possible, and have a good time to boot! If you are interested in sponsoring SQL Cruise please take the opportunity to view our Sponsorship Plan.

Gold Sponsors


The One Platform for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Performance

SQL Sentry was our first sponsor when we first launched SQL Cruise in 2010. They took a chance on an unproven and unconventional twist on SQL Server training. They continue to support us now through our successes in technical SQL training and our growth into Business Intelligence, Professional Development, and Powershell subjects. SQL Sentry continues to provide established technical resources to SQL Cruise events in the personification of Aaron Bertrand, Allen White, Kevin Kline, and now Jason Hall.

Monitor physical, virtual and cloud targets, for full visibility from a single operating platform. Whether you are running a single SQL Server, have hundreds of servers running in a virtual environment, or have databases or data warehouses in the cloud, SentryOne can scale to support your entire infrastructure.




Red Gate Software

Red Gate Software has been a partnering sponsor with SQL Cruise since our first cruise in 2010. They’ve been an advocate for technical training and technical communities for many years and continue to support SQL Cruise, local SQL Server User Groups, and the SQL Saturday initiative worldwide. Red Gate is joining us again as sponsor and are sending their world-reknown SQL product evangelist Grant Fritchey who will provide two technical sessions over the week-long event. In addition to their support for community-led events such as SQL Saturday they also produce a series of successful events focusing on training and Red Gate products: SQL in the City.

Red Gate Software makes tools that pay their way. Tools such as SQL Compare, SQL Backup, SQL Data Generator, SQL Prompt and many others radically simplify the business of working with Microsoft SQL Server. That’s why they’re used in most Fortune 500 companies. At Red Gate we’re mostly obsessed with getting the UI right, so that you don’t have to figure out how to use the tool. It’s just obvious. Also fun. That matters a lot. Download a free 14-day trial of all our tools at



Founding Sponsor



B-Side Consulting

SQL Agentman Consulting is the alternative to those large SQL Server consulting firms. We only engage one client at a time so when we are working on your project we can devote all our attention to you. For us it is as much about solving your problems as it is about educating you so that you can be your best solution going forward. Our training sessions, conducted as SQL Cruises, have had amazing success with growing the future go-to individuals for SQL Server, Business Intelligence, and Powershell skills.

Interested in learning more about our services or engaging in a quote? Contact Tim Ford, Microsoft Data Platform MVP today.



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