I think we’ve done a pretty fair job of explaining why we feel SQL Cruise is your best option for tailored SQL, Powershell, Business Intelligence, and Professional Development training there is so perhaps you should take some of our former Cruisers’ and Technical Leads’ words on the subject:

“SQL Cruise provides you with some of the best SQL Server training possible from some of the most knowledgeable SQL Server practitioners available. But more than that, SQLCruise is a fun way to learn! The great after-hours gatherings and activities make it easy to make new friends. And the unique setting will provide you with one of the most memorable experiences of your IT career.”

– Kevin Kline, Co-Founder and Former President of The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and Director of Engineering Services at SQL Sentry, Inc (Nashville, TN)


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“I’ve worked for the same company for a very long time. I’m proud of that and the reputation I’ve built in the company, but I have also been under-paid the entire time. SQLCruise helped me better evaluate the other benefits I get from my job that are not monetary, how they fit into my personal life, and the entire benefits package. I also gained a mentor from the cruise that has really helped me hone my speaking skills as I try to give back to the SQL community. You can’t put a price on these things, and there is no other training that provides these opportunities and opens these types of doors.”

– Ryan J. Adams, PASS Virtualization Chapter President and PASS Regional Mentor. SQL DBA/Senior Systems Consultant at Verizon (Dallas, TX)



“I admit, when I was first asked to carry the bags of one of the trainees for this five day excursion, I was pretty skeptical. As a current IT Manager, previous IT trainer, and with some Workforce Education background, I was not sure what to expect. You get more training than you normally pay for the trainers allowed the students to ask pretty much any question and the impromptu learning sessions may have brought forth more real value than the structured presentations.

I can’t stress this enough, you not only get back an employee with a deeper understanding of how the training applies to your environment but you get one that now brings a whole team of people to call upon if the situation arises. What do I mean? When, the social aspects of this tight net group and the dynamics that were developed in five days were pretty amazing. Granted, these are not your normal employees, because they leverage social networking well beyond that of the average IT person. And yes, I say that with a level of confidence. Our folks in IT do not take advantage of the social networks as well as they could/should.

What do you get for your investment? Well, from my perspective you get a deeper level of training that I more targeted to your needs and environment. At the same time, you increase the field of people that can help you when you need it; and you get it for far less investment than what is normally associated with a week’s training.”

– John Robel, Technical Account Manager at Amazon.com (Seattle, WA)

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“SQL Cruise is the real deal. I was hesitant at first about the value, but now I would recommend it to anyone. In no other training can you steer the group topics to places you want to know more about–and then follow up the next day. I hope to go again.”

– Carlos Chacon, Managing Partner at SQL Data Partners, LLC (Richmond, VA)



“I’m an avid cruiser and long-time SQL Server admin/developer. SQL Cruise brings these together and adds experts in the field, fellow SQL Server professionals, and training that was immediately useful back on the job. The classes were fast-paced, but the instructors always took time to explain concepts that we may have struggled with. Plus all of the extra curricular activities gave me a chance to get to know my fellow SQL professionals as people too.”

– Bill Sanscrainte, Freelance Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect (Chicago, IL)



“I can honestly say, you will NOT have experienced anything like this in you SQL career so far
“Learning, Fun & Networking” do not even come remotely close to describing the experience you will have – it is simply THE BEST SQL training experience I have had … 11-out-of-10

– Neil Hambly, Senior System Engineer & DBA at Confio Software (London,UK)

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