2017 SQL Cruise Events

Learn.  Network.  Relax.  Grow.  Just Add Water.

Learn. Network. Relax. Grow. Just Add Water.

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Since 2010, SQL Cruise has provided deep-dive technical and professional development training across SQL Server, PowerShell, Analysis Services, Microsoft Azure, virtualization, and storage solutions . In 2017 we will add Data Science and R topics to this spectrum of training.

SQL Cruise is not the largest technical training event series – and we aim to keep it that way. By offering small group training during a week at sea and integrating Technical Leads who are thought leaders in their fields into all aspects of your week we offer unprecedented access to those that set course and policy for the technologies upon which we train.

Our former students and trainers build connections for a lifetime. Do you want to be someone trained by the best and integrated into their professional network? Do you want all of this and a week of memories with peers, family, and friends in exotic locations and a price that is better than land-based training? Join us.  

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Western Caribbean
Depart & Return from Miami, FL
January 29 – February 5 2017

Alaska and Canada
Depart & Return from Seattle, WA
August 12 – 19 2017

Caribbean January 29 - February 5 2017



Alaska - August 12 - 19 2017



2017 SQL Cruise Technical Leads

2017 SQL Cruise Events

Tim Ford


Founder, SQL Cruise
Sr. DBA, SurveyMonkey
Microsoft Data Platform MVP


2017 SQL Cruise Events

Grant Fritchey


Product Evangelist, Redgate
Microsoft Data Platform MVP


2017 SQL Cruise Events

Kevin Kline


Data management expert, author, speaker, and business leader
Microsoft Data Platform MVP


2017 SQL Cruise Events

Buck Woody


Machine Learning and Data Science Team, Microsoft


2017 SQL Cruise Events

David Klee


Founder, Heraflux Technologies
Microsoft Data Platform MVP
VMware vExpert

2017 SQL Cruise Events

Argenis Fernandez


Field Solutions Architect, Pure Storage
Microsoft Data Platform MVP

2017 SQL Cruise Events

Ben Miller


SQL Server Architect at CR&T
Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)

Alaskan To Be Announced

Our Corporate Partners

Gold Sponsor of SQL Cruise 2017 Caribbean and Alaskan Events

Gold Sponsor of SQL Cruise 2017 Caribbean

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors. We could not do it without your support!

SQL Cruise Costs

Training Fee and Class Materials: $1,395*

*Training and event materials only – cruise registration is handled via direct booking with Norwegian Cruise Lines though our dedicated Cruise Consultant per the easy-to-follow instructions on our registration page.)

Your stateroom will typically range in cost of $100-200 per day and that includes meals. This is almost 40%-60% cheaper than your typical room and board costs for land-based training events depending upon location.

Ask us about our group rates for groups of 6 or more!

Family & Friends Welcome

Not only are your family and friends welcome – they’re encouraged to join you! Unlike most conferences and private training events we incorporate friends & family of students into group events and scheduled events just for our “plus-ones” of all genders and ages.

When we are in port the day is yours to spend with friends, family, fellow students, technical leaders, and new friends from the ship. We also have evening events for the group as well as contests and giveaways for everyone!

Ready to Register?

Ready to register for a SQL Cruise?

Full details on how to do so – including contact information for our NCL Cruise Consultant are available on our registration page.

The full amount of your cruise isn’t even due in full until we get closer to the date of sailing so don’t worry about paying for your cruise so far in advance. We only require payment for training ($1,395) up front along with your deposit on the stateroom you arrange with NCL separately.

Caribbean 2017 General Schedule and Classroom Sessions

11:00am  – 1:00pm
1:00pm  – 3:00pm
Welcome and Orientation

Tim Ford

Conference Room
We will be meeting in our designated conference room to go over schedule for the week in detail as well as orientation of the ship and introductions of staff and attendees. All students and their guests are requested to attend the first 30 minutes of this session.

5:30pm – 6:30pm
Welcome Mixer

Skyline Bar
Everyone is invited for complimentary drinks and appetizers for an hour of meeting new friends and re-acquainting with former cruise friends.

6:30pm – 7:30pm
Search the Ship Contest

Skyline Bar
Everyone is invited for complimentary drinks and appetizers for an hour of meeting new friends and re-acquainting with former cruise friends.

Unlike Any Technical Conference You've Experienced

Most technical conferences are the same:

A classroom or hotel conference room with uncomfortable chairs and no space between you and your fellow student.
Speakers reading from Powerpoint presentations one bullet point at a time for hours on end.
Fighting for time at the end of the presentation to get your questions answered from the speaker before the next one takes the stage… while everyone else in the room tries to do the same.

…That’s not SQL Cruise.

We’ve been attending and presenting at technical conferences for over 15 years and we know there needs to be a better way to learn. Taking into consideration that you learn more from one-on-one time with peers and technical leaders than you do sitting in classrooms, distracted by Internet surfing and work back at the office.

We also have over 20 years in human resources and corporate recruiting experience. We understand what corporations are looking for in talent and what it takes to succeed at a professional level. We engineer the week’s events understanding that it’s just as important to communicate your skills and interact effectively with your peers and customers as it is providing technical skills they expect from you.

Nothing quite appropriate existed to satisfy this kind of training… so we created it ourselves: SQL Cruise.

SQL Cruise: Where class time includes discussions that reflect your issues back on land.

SQL Cruise: Where you’re not distracted by the Internet and the office. (Sure there is Internet access, but it’s cost prohibitive so you’re less likely to surf instead of participate.)

SQL Cruise: Where group discussions and one-on-one time with the Technical Leads comes first – not in frantic bursts if you’re lucky. You spend the week with those you’re there to learn from. At the end of the week you have solid contacts you can rely upon for the rest of your career.

Does that sound like any other technical conference you’ve been to before?


The CTO’s Perspective of His SQL Cruise Experience

SQL Cruise – A Manager’s Perspective

Impression from First Time Attendee Patrick Keisler

Everyday SQL: My Experience Aboard SQL Cruise 2014

SQL Cruise from the Corporate Sponsor and Technical Lead Perspective

What’s It Like on a SQL Cruise

Register for SQL Cruise

Ready to register for a SQL Cruise? Full details on how to do so are available on our registration page.

Still Have Questions?

Do you still have a few questions or need to sell the boss on the concept of SQL Cruise? If so contact us and we will either answer your question or put you in contact with a former cruiser that is willing to advocate for SQL Cruise. (We don’t have a shortage of Cruisers willing to do that.)


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  4. Andrew Bennett February 13, 2017 @ 7:45 pm

    I attempted to contact cruise booking agent a few times, and I get responses of “how many people”, so i reply with 2 and then no reply.

    Why are you limited to booking through an agent who doesn’t reply. The course looks great, except its not bookable.

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